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Get Back to Nature with Villa Kasteli

Retreat, Restore, Reconnect


The world is currently facing a situation that raises obvious questions about the way we travel, and the possibility of working in foreign locations. With uncertain reopening of borders and potential lockdown, travelling and shooting outside local territory has become hard to predict.

Greece has fared especially well throughout the Covid pandemic, with consistent low numbers and no quarantine time when travelling within Europe.

Villa Kasteli will implement all sanitary measures required by authorities (face masks, temperature tests, social distancing).

We also minimize the number of staff on location, thereby maximizing the safety of all those present. We  have high speed internet so as to enable those who can't physically attend to join from remote locations if appropriate.


Services Provided

Location Scouting

  • A self contained island property with multiple shooting locations on and off the premises

  • Location scouting for the surrounding area

  • Easy access to Athens 

  • Photographer, make up artist and hair stylist if required


  • A self contained, spacious villa, garden, swimming pool and multi purpose gym/yoga studio 

  • Many natural resources and secondary locations within an hour's drive

  • Easy access to Athens so day trips possible without overnight stay


  • A self contained private space for groups whether yoga/gardeners/martial arts/writers or colleagues looking for a place to work remotely

  • Fast internet and multiple working spaces

  • Easy access to the port, airport and city of Athens


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein


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